Thatch & Crow

What This Is All About

This is not the personal web page of me.

I should qualify that. This is very much for other’s eyes, and in that it is fundamentally an entertainment, and rightfully a self aware one. I write that because there is a delicious blurring in this delicate new(ish) media that I think bears investigation, and I want to be clear about my intentions.

It seems to me that one of the most interesting things about the explosion of social media is the (by and large) gentle innocence that pervades the genre. People happily put pieces of their lives up in text and picture, point to it for the world with the words, here I am and I have done this thing, and they expect to be believed.


It is my contention that interpretation is a burden best left to the reader. But the reader is always free to get it wrong, as much as the author is entitled to lie.

The Interests Of Commerce is not for sale.

I might be willing to trade it (in perpetuity, etc.) for, though.